2017-2018学年高中英语 Module 4 Sandstorms in Asia课时跟踪练(一

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Module 4 课时跟踪练(一) Introduction & Reading — Pre reading



As most people know, in the past few years, sandstorms

have swept across many cities and areas of North China,

polluting the air and disturbing daily lives of human beings.

People look dirty and suffer many kinds of illnesses, such

as breath difficulty. The sandstorm is such a serious problem that it has not only

undermined the industrial and agricultural development of our country but also

caused a lot of trouble to the living conditions of the Chinese people. It is expected

that effective (有效的) measures should be taken as soon as possible through our

joint efforts to limit its occurrence.

So what should we do with the frightening sandstorms? Some experts put forward

practical suggestions as follows: For one thing, more funds (基金) ought to be put

into tree planting and forest protection so as to keep more water resources within

the surface of the earth. For another, governments of all countries should make laws

on environmental protection. For example, banning the use of throw?away chopsticks

and punishing illegal tree cutting. Scientists should also study and find ways to

cut down the degree of its destruction and to improve the whole environment.

How people look forward to sunny days with little breeze (微风) touching their

faces now and forever! Nevertheless, I am fully confident that the golden days can

come back so long as everyone tries his best to protect natural environment from

today on.



1.The underlined word “undermined” (in Paragraph 1) means ________.





解析:选 A 词义猜测题。根据画线词所在句可知,沙尘暴不仅仅削弱了工农业的发展,

还带来很多生活方面的困难,故该词是指 A 项意思。

2.From the first paragraph, we can infer ________.

A.China has taken no measures to prevent sandstorms

B.sandstorms can cause much damage to human beings and their daily lives



C.the sandstorm is the most dangerous natural disaster to human beings

D.more sandstorms will happen in the near future in North China

解析:选 B 推理判断题。根据第一段中“but also caused a lot of trouble to the

living conditions of the Chinese people”说明沙尘暴会给人们的生活带来很多的麻烦,

故 B 正确。

3. How many ways do some experts put forward to fight against sandstorm?





解析:选 C 细节理解题。根据文章第二段“For one thing, more funds (基金) ought

to ...” 和 “For another, governments of all countries should make laws on

environmental protection.”以及“Scientists should also study and find ways to cut

down the degree of its destruction and to improve the whole environment.”说明文

章中提出了 3 种方法,故 C 正确。

4.What’s the author’s attitude towards the situation to sandstorms’ problems?





解析:选 B 推理推断题。根据文章最后“I am fully confident that the ...

environment from today on.”说明作者很有信心。故 B 正确。


Most of the sandstorms that had swept China last year came from foreign land,

a Chinese official in charge of desertification (荒漠化) control said on Monday.

And the invasions (入侵) could partly explain the frequent sandstorms in the country

in recent years despite its achievements in desertification control.

Since the start of last spring, the north and northwestern Chinese regions had

been hit by 17 sandstorms,of which, a dozen came from foreign land.

Situated in the central?Asia sandstorm region, one of the world’s four largest

sandstorm sources, China also suffers from sandstorms from outside the country while

being blamed as a sand source to northeast Asia. The other three major sources are

in Africa, North America and Australia.

The land suffering from desertification has been decreasing by 7,585 square

kilometres annually in China, and the area of sandy land has also been falling by

1,284 square kilometres a year.

The shrinkage (收缩) forms a clear contrast to the fact that the land suffering

from desertification and sandy feature was added by 10,400 square kilometres and


3,436 square kilometres late last century, respectively. Currently, the desertification land in China makes up 2.64 million square
kilometres, accounting for 27.46 percent of the nation’s land, and its sandy land totals 1.74 million square kilometres, accounting for 18.1 percent of the country’ s total.
语篇解读:*年来中国遭受严重的风沙袭击,而中国也被认为是风沙的来源之一,经过 努力中国在治沙方面取得显著的效果。
5.What does the underlined word “decreasing” mean in Paragraph 4? A.Going down. B.Going up. C.Coming from. D.Taking up. 解析:选 A 词义猜测题。根据第四段最后的“has also been falling by 1,284 square kilometres a year”可知,该词的意思是“减少”,与 fall 的意思接*,故选 A 项。 6.Where do most of the sandstorms in China come from? A.The northwestern Chinese regions. B.The northern Chinese regions. C.The western part of China. D.Foreign countries. 解析:选 D 细节理解题。根据第一段提到“Most of the sandstorms that ... control said on Monday.”去年袭击中国的沙尘暴来自外国,故选 D 项。 7.Which of the following is believed to be the sand source to northeast Asia? A.Mongolia. B.Africa. C.China. D.Australia. 解析:选 C 细节理解题。根据第三段“China also suffers from sandstorms ... sand source to northeast Asia”可知中国被认为是东北亚风沙的来源地,故选 C 项。 8.What can we infer from this passage? A.The land in China suffering from desertification has been increasing greatly. B.China has made achievements in its own desertification control. C.The desertification land makes up nearly half of China’s territory. D.Little progress has been made in controlling desertification in China. 解析:选 B 推理判断题。根据第四段提到“The land suffering from ... falling by 1,284 square kilometres a year.”遭受风沙袭击的土地每年减少 7 585 *方公里,沙地 的区域每年减少了 1 284 *方公里,故可知控制沙漠化取得了成效,故选 B 项。
C Welcome to the Barossa Valley Balloon Adventures website. We hope you find it

helpful and easy to use. Balloon Adventures has been a family owned and operated business since 1986.
We have flown thousands of very happy people of all ages over the years. We have a highly experienced team with your safety and
enjoyment as our primary concern. Your experience starts when we meet you at the winery (酿酒厂) on the edge of Tanunda, one and a half hours before sunrise. From there our team checks the wind conditions and then chooses the best launch site for the day. We have about 17 different sites throughout the country to choose from.
Once at the launch site we then inflate (充气) the giant colourful balloon. Inflation takes about half an hour. Then it’s up, up and away for an experience of a lifetime. Imagine floating above the Barossa, drifting with the breeze and without a care in the world. Ballooning is probably the most romantic form of transportation.
We fly with the wind for about an hour, which gives you plenty of time to take photos and just enjoy the sense of freedom drifting with the breeze. Then, when we land, our support vehicle arrives, we pack the balloon away and then head off to enjoy some of the local food. After breakfast everyone is then officially certified a “Balloonatic” with their own flight certificate. So, in total, you’re with us for approximate five hours. After we say goodbye, feel free to explore the sites, sounds and tastes that the Barossa offers.
语篇解读:本文是关于在巴罗萨峡谷进行热气球飞行的介绍。 9.What’s the form of Balloon Adventures? A.A family owned and operated business. B.A highly experienced team. C.A party of thousands of happy people. D.A network company. 解析:选 A 细节理解题。根据第二段第一句可知 A 项正确。 10.How long does it take to inflate the balloon? A.About one and a half hours. B.About an hour. C.About half an hour. D.About five hours. 解析:选 C 细节理解题。根据第三段中的“Inflation takes about half an hour.”

可知给热气球充气大约需要半个小时。 11.A “Balloonatic” in the fourth paragraph is ________. A.a ticket for breakfast B.a souvenir from the local people C.a ticket for an extra flight D.an official document stating that you have traveled by balloon 解析:选 D 细节理解题。根据第四段中的“...a ’Balloonatic’ with their own
flight certificate.”可知 Balloonatic 是官方认可的乘坐热气球的证明。 12.The website suggests that travelers ________ after the adventure. A.go back to hotel and have a rest B.have lunch C.visit the Barossa D.buy some local food 解析:选 C 细节理解题。根据第四段中的“After we say goodbye, feel free to
explore the sites ...”可知网站的建议是去游览巴罗萨地区。 Ⅱ.阅读七选五 What do you do to take care of the books in your library? Some collectors refuse
to read the books in their collections, so the books remain in good condition. Others buy two copies of a book: they read one, and leave the other untouched. __1__ Here are some tips to remember if you want your books to remain in good condition.
·Avoid writing. You may have been told to write in your books, or even to underline words, phrases, and paragraphs. But if you plan to keep the book, add it to your library, or even sell it, don’t write in the book. __2__ Use a notebook to take notes or use pieces of paper. If you are required to write in your book, use a pencil, and remove the markings later. ·Avoid food and drinks. Food and drinks are things that may be dangerous to your books, so the best way is to avoid eating or drinking while you read. If you need to read while you eat, make sure your fingers are clean and dry as you hold the book or turn the pages. __3__ ·Take care. __4__ Don’t let it drop to the ground. When you read the book, don’t fold (折) the corners of the pages (use a bookmark instead). Don’t place your book with the

book open, face down. You’d better use a book cover to keep your book in the best condition.
·__5__ If you want to take care of your books, keep your books on a shelf when you are not reading them. But, also, take care that the books should be placed in an upright (竖直的) position. A.Put it on the shelf. B.Protect it from dust. C.The ink may damage your book forever. D.When you handle your book, hold it with care. E.No one knows exactly how to protect their books. F.Also, keep the book well away from food and drinks. G.However, many readers must read their books, but they still want to protect them. 答案:1~5 GCFDA


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